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Don't settle for a box of chocolates this Valentine's Day. Give a gift from the heart and tell your loved ones how they inspire you with post it notes on each quality of being you see in them.

What qualities of being will you express in 2011?

It's NEVER too late to declare your intention for the year!
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About The Book

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“Do you long for love, peace, joy? Are you pining for commitment, respect, rest, excitement? Or maybe you desire passion, bliss, calm, or clarity. Pssst…we’ll tell you a secret. You already have all of these within you. Whatever you long to experience outside of you is an aspect of you wanting to be birthed!”

The perfect gift for yourself and others.


Live Out Loud with the element FIRE


This first section is all about how we express ourselves. It’s focus in on our energy and how that energy flows and it invites you to opening yourself to the deliciousness of life, to engage it fully and passionately. It’s time to allow all your restrictions and reservations to fall away as you shine your brilliant light with the boldness of a bonfire in the dark of night.

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Kansas City, Missouri:

Stone Spirit Lodge, 309 Westport Rd.



Unity Village, Missouri

Unity Village Bookstore